root9B wins in court

‘Unpersuasive’ Isn’t ‘False,’ Judge Rules


DENVER (CN) – A federal judge dismissed an investor’s class action accusing a computer security firm of lying about preventing a Russian hacking group’s attack, to bolster its flagging stock price.
Chief U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger granted Root9B Technologies’ motion to dismiss on Sept. 21, finding that plaintiff David Hampton failed to prove that Root9B’s press release, claiming to have discovered a Russian hacking group’s plan to target large banks, was fabricated.
Hampton cited an article by cyber-journalist Brian Krebs, who wrote that Root9B had simply rediscovered a Nigerian phishing scam that had been well known for years.
Krieger found that the Krebs article cast doubt on Root9B’s claims, but did not disprove them.
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