Zito Partners Response to KrebsonSecurity blog post

Zito Partners response, sent to Brian Krebs on May 20, 2015, following a KrebsonSecurity blog post:

As you know, root9B Executives Eric Hipkins, John Harbaugh and Mike Morris all offered to get on the phone with you on the record about the information in the report and share information on background about the Nigerian issue you raised that would have dispelled any doubts that had been suggested to you by your sources.  For obvious reasons, the team did not want to place this information in an email, as you requested. We routinely counsel clients to engage with media and not offer a “no comment.”  Mr. Harbaugh also called you twice and left you voice mails.
As you may know, root9B CEO Eric Hipkins is an accomplished cyber and intelligence professional with over 25 years of specialty experience in advanced cyber and technical intelligence operations. He is a military veteran with extensive experience across the Department of Defense and commercial community. COO John Harbaugh is a former senior executive for the NSA with decades of operational, technical, and analytical cybersecurity and leadership experience. CTO Mike Morris has over 13 years of experience in intelligence operations, specializing in advanced Offensive and Defensive Cyber operations, tactics and tool development, and associated training curriculum development. I believe their credibility speaks for itself.