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Dow stock swings are exhausting, but here’s how to survive

After 19 years covering the stock market for USA TODAY, Adam Shell gives his best advice on how to successfully invest in the market. USA TODAY
Recent stock market volatility was the kind that spooks investors. Massive intraday swings in the Dow Jones industrial average can test even the steeliest investor.
Years ago, I noticed a seasoned colleague would let research reports and financial journals pile up on his desk, while I scrambled to get through the daily deluge. When I asked about it, he said: “I learn much more by reading the headlines weeks, even months later.”
I think he may have had something there. We might call it perspective.
I was catching up on my reading this weekend and came across this headline from the previous weekend: “Stocks rally on strength of hiring data, pushing S&P 500 toward record.”
On the heels of a surprising good first-quarter GDP reading and the lowest unemployment rate in almost 50 years, investors were giddy. Then, the China trade deal hit a snag, the presidential tweets threatening new tariffs began, and the market sold off daily.
Déjà vu all over again.
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