Tortoise Senior Portfolio Manager Rob Thummel on Yahoo Finance

Clean energy investing: One analyst’s key area not to overlook

As companies prioritize clean energy initiatives, Tortoise Senior Portfolio Manager & Managing Director Rob Thummel and Citi Director of US Equity Strategy Drew Pettit join Yahoo Finance Live to discuss investments in the clean energy transition.

Pettit advises investors to consider the value chain and “invest in the infrastructure build” before energy companies themselves. Infrastructure will always be needed first, he explains. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) should be seen as a tailwind for these companies, Pettit adds.

Thummel highlights that energy companies themselves are taking the initiative on decarbonization through a variety of strategies. ExxonMobil (XOM), he highlights, has invested in infrastructure by acquiring Dinberry, gaining access to their CO2 pipelines; now, ExxonMobil is positioned to transport and sequester Gulf Coast carbon dioxide.