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Tortoise launches suite of UCITS funds focused on energy transition, sustainable infrastructure and water

Tortoise has launched three UCITS funds – the Tortoise Energy Transition UCITS Fund, the Tortoise Sustainable Listed Infrastructure UCITS Fund and the Tortoise Sustainable Global Water UCITS Fund.

These new products are part of the Tortoise Ecofin Platform. The platform houses Tortoise’s suite of sustainable and impact products and harnesses years of expertise in infrastructure, water and the transition to cleaner energy through listed and private renewable energy infrastructure investments.
“Our new UCITS funds are borne from our multi-year expertise investing in essential needs for sustainable water and the transition to more sustainable energy sources,” says Tortoise Chief Development Officer, Brent Newcomb. “At Tortoise, our focus is delivering investment strategies across essential assets that are making a positive impact on society.”
The Tortoise Energy Transition UCITS Fund seeks long-term beneficiaries of the major trends associated with the energy transition. It invests in companies which have secular growth opportunities related to changes in the way energy is produced and consumed. The fund’s objective is to maximise risk-adjusted returns by investing in companies focussed on more efficient use of resources and emissions reduction. The sectors exposed to the energy transition include advanced mobility, energy & industrials, power & energy infrastructure, air & environment, renewable energy, energy efficiency and water.
The Tortoise Sustainable Listed Infrastructure UCITS Fund aims to achieve a high, secure dividend yield on its investment portfolio and to realise long-term growth in the value of the portfolio while taking care to preserve capital. The fund invests globally in the equity securities of growth-oriented economic infrastructure companies which are delivering increasing cash flows. The portfolio is diversified with respect to geography, sub-sector and investment themes, and it has a positive impact given the strategy’s focus on sustainability.
The Tortoise Sustainable Global Water UCITS Fund seeks to invest in companies across the globe and throughout the water value chain that we believe are in a position to benefit from the pursuit to solve the water supply/demand imbalance.
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