Thornburg Investment Management Jeff Klingelhofer on Yahoo Finance

Fed’s ‘alchemy’ of low interest rates is over: Strategist

Wall Street can’t contain its excitement for interest rate cuts anticipated from the Federal Reserve in June this year. Inflation could be stickier than previously thought, according to February’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) reading, and may not create as ideal a scenario for the Fed to initiate mid-year rate cuts.

Thornburg Investment Management Head of Investments Jeff Klingelhofer joins Yahoo Finance Live to explain where elevated interest rates have loosened inflation’s grip and when to expect rate cuts.

“I’m a tennis player, I think what the Fed is trying to do is avoid the unforced error, the footfall… Most inflation metrics that you focus on, we’re lapping the easy side of inflation,” Klingelhofer says. “To your point, we’re coming back into much tougher sides, right? So energy inflation is actually going up. The average consumer is feeling that pain. I think that’s exactly why, while I don’t expect the [Fed’s] Dot Plot to move next week, in coming months I do expect it to because inflation will remain firm.”