The Truth’s Not Always Easy…

Playing the game on the side of the angels is always fun. ( for short), one of our clients, fights the good fight each day, educating consumers about scams, challenging organizations that mislead the public, and outing bad apples in every industry.
In the “what you don’t see” category, TINA has had numerous “quiet” victories, getting companies to change their habits and marketing with little or no fanfare.
This weekend, TINA is launching its first advertising campaign, which we were proud to work on with our partner Jonathan Cranin, who teamed with me on the Prevail campaign for Bristol-Myers Squibb. You can view the TINA print, digital and video campaign here (link).
Please forward the video to your friends and contacts and encourage them to join the TINA community. It’s always good to be on the side of the Angels.
And remember, the truth’s not always easy…no, no, no…but in advertising, it’s the law.

Posted by Bob Zito on 03/23/2014