STA May 2013 Newsletter: SEC Small Business Advisory Committee

Security Traders Association’s 80th Market Structure Conference:  “Wall Street and Washington DC;
Finding the Midpoint”

Washington DC October 2-4, 2013

by Tom Carter

In the coming months the STA Board will be working diligently on putting together our 80th Market Structure Conference program titled, “Wall Street and Washington, DC; Finding the Midpoint.”
We chose this title because it serves as a visual on where the forces of market structure need to focus their attention. Today, despite the common goal shared by our law-makers, regulators and the financial industry for protecting the interests of individual investors, finding a midpoint where decisions can be made and implemented is very challenging. (See more on the title “Swedesboro NJ, the Mother of All Midpoints.”) We hope that by the time you leave our conference, you will see STA as being an intermediary between these forces and that as an association we possess the required skills of neutrality and intellectual capital to play this critical role.
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