Nancy Tengler in The Washington Post

Wall Street seizes up as pandemic-fueled volatility sends Dow into a steep dive

The blue-chip index plunges more than 1,300 points, erasing nearly all of its Trump-era gains
  • U.S. economy expected to lose 4.6 million travel-related jobs this year from coronavirus fallout
  • Supermarkets are limiting the number of shoppers at one time. Temperature checks and delivery-only stores may follow.
  • Businesses were already hurting under trade war. Then came coronavirus

Investors unleashed their coronavirus fears Wednesday, sending U.S. markets into a tailspin.
Nearly every asset class — stocks, bonds, gold, oil — came under siege as investors fled to the safety of cash. The weeks-long panic has hollowed out a big chunk of the stock gains from the bull market and erased virtually all of the equity advances under the Trump presidency.
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