littleBits Founder and CEO, Ayah Bdeir, Featured on #AlphaRising

International Women’s Day: Meet Ayah Bdeir and Watch Her Take on Legos

On this International Women’s Day, meet Ayah Bdeir. Born in Beirut, she is the founder & CEO of littleBits. Her company’s electronic building blocks are quickly going to replace your kids’ Legos and make them love learning. And that’s exactly why she epitomizes #AlphaRising.

Ayah Bdeir, founder and CEO of littleBits, is an entrepreneur, inventor, and interactive artist.
Born in Canada and raised in Beirut, she studied at MIT and that’s where she decided to change the way we teach our kids.
Her company, littleBits, makes electronic building blocks that encourage kids to invent things. She has partnered with Disney (DIS) and created a Star Wars-inspired Droid Inventor Kit that won Toy of the Year.
Currently she is working with Pearson (PSO) to get her toys in classrooms everywhere.
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