Steve Kalafer in ROI-NJ

Kalafer happily shares tax reform wealth with workers

Car dealership founder gives $500 bonus to more than 700 employees Steve Kalafer, the founding chairman of the Flemington Car and Truck Family of Brands, gave $500 to each of his more than 700 full-time employees Monday morning for one simple reason: It’s the right thing to do.
“Be kind, be fair, make money, do good — that’s the ethos of our company, and it has served us well for 42 years,” he told ROI-NJ.
So, when Kalafer’s company, which consists of 17 brands in eight locations in the Flemington area, figured out it will benefit from the recent federal tax reform bill, he was determined to pass it on — and not wait.
“The purpose of this reform is to reward people who create your business,” he said. “That’s your employees.
“I expect, by sharing the tax reform with employees, to be able to improve our business, and everybody will benefit. And that’s really the purpose of tax reform.”
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