Hotlist Heats Up Your Social Life with New App

Launches new location-based web and mobile apps, using over 100 million people’s plans
to help users coordinate with friends and take virtual peeks into the future crowds
at places all over the world

New York, N.Y.,  November  9, 2011– Hotlist (, the social planning and discovery platform, today released a slew of advanced features and sleeker interface for their website and iPhone app. The tech startup aims to simplify the way friends coordinate plans and discover what will be happening today, tomorrow, and throughout the week at millions of venues worldwide.
Hotlisters can now take “virtual peeks” into venues hours or days in advance to see Facebook profile photos of the expected crowds, details of upcoming events, male:female ratios, and which of their Facebook friends (even if they’re not Hotlist users) plan to attend.
Hotlist has also launched a new social coordination tool, named “Planner,” which allows users to quickly determine the best time and place for a get-together with invited Facebook friends. Built for ease and speed, Planner helps friends coordinate more effectively than email, phone calls, text messages, and even Facebook.
Hotlist aggregates public plans in order to show users which places will be trending nearby. Users receive even more personalized social recommendations based on the friends, places, events, and brands they follow.
Already named one of the Top 100 Websites of 2010 by PC Magazine and nominated for Best Location-Based Service at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, Hotlist now seems poised to become the first major application to help people plan their offline social lives.
“Hotlist is the first location-based service to completely focus on simplifying people’s social lives. Our goal is to leverage the connective power of social media and smart phones to encourage real world interaction,” said Chris Mirabile, co-Founder and CEO of Hotlist.
Available for free download in the Apple iTunes Store, Hotlist is the first app to use over 100 million people’s plans to provide social information on over 2.7 million venues in more than 40,000 cities. Hotlist makes social decisions easier by pulling public data from Facebook and Twitter and customizing it for each user based on their social preferences.
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About Hotlist
Hotlist puts you in the right place, at the right time by making it easy to coordinate with friends and discover what people are planning at millions of places worldwide. Hotlisters use their smartphones, computers and tablets to see which places are trending nearby. By following People, Places & Interests, you receive even more personalized social recommendations about what’s happening today, tomorrow and throughout the week. Staying in the loop has never been easier! While there are a lot of factors that go into having a stellar time, it’s usually not about where you are as much as who you’re with. On Hotlist, you can take virtual peeks into places hours or days in advance to see which friends plan to be there (even if they’re not on Hotlist), event details, girl/guy ratios, and Facebook profile photos of the expected crowd!
Think of Hotlist as the friend at the party you call to ask “Hey, how is it?” Except we know everyone and always pick up.
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