ETFMG Market Segment Expert on "Money Life with Chuck Jaffe"

Sit Funds’ Doty: Of all places to invest in bonds now, ‘the U.S. is the best of the worst’ – Bryce Doty, senior portfolio manager at Sit Fixed Income Advisors, says that the bond market is particularly difficult right now but that domestic issues remain stronger than the rest of the world, and could be buoyed by rates that rise slightly sooner than many people expect. He notes that with the Federal Reserve committed to keeping interest rates in positive territory, rates really only have one direction to go from here. Also on the show, Michael Robinson, chief technology strategist at Money Map Press says in the Market Call that technology companies aren’t just good investments right now, they are the reason the economy has been able to avoid a depression, noting that if it weren’t for technological advancements the country could not have done as much work-at-home commerce as it has throughout the current pandemic. Tom Lydon of makes a gold fund his ‘ETF of the Week,’ and Matt Schulz of on how subscription spending of all types has ramped up amid social distancing.