EquityZen's Phil Haslett on Money Life with Chuck Jaffe

Rusty Vanneman, chiefinvestment officer at Orion Advisor Technology, says that if your asset allocation and investment plan were appropriate prior to the global pandemic, they remain appropriate and proper today, meaning that most investors should not be changing their holdings much in the middle of current troubles, even as they look for opportunities going forward. Vanneman believes that there will be superior economic growth when the viral economy ends, which should lead to value stocks and small-cap stocks — two areas that were lagging the market pre-crisis — becoming leaders. Also on the show, Ken Simonson discusses results from the latest National Association of Business Economics survey, where wide-ranging results show how hard the current situation is to analyze, Phil Haslett of EquityZen discusses the initial-public offering and pre-IPO markets, and David Trainer of New Constructs says that certain research efforts are undermined by the economic shut-down, creating problem areas for investors who rely on those numbers.