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New Constructs’ Trainer: Stock that doubled this year isn’t out of the Danger Zone

David Trainer, founder and president at New Constructs, says that Affirm Holding’s gains this year — the stock has more than doubled year-to-date — have fooled investors into thinking there might be value in the purveyor of buy now, pay later programs, so he put the company back in “The Danger Zone” for the third time in three years. Trainer noted that the stock — despite this year’s gains — is down more than 80 percent from when he first said it was headed for trouble in 2021, and he says the firm remains a “zombie stock,” likely to run out of money within two years. Also on the show, Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst/Washington bureau chief at discusses the agreement in Congress that allowed Congress to avoid a government shutdown this weekend, but what lies ahead for lawmakers and the economy, financial adviser Eric Beiley of the Beiley Group worries about the economic troubles ahead and suggests bak CDs as a possible alternative for investors who want to be on the sidelines now, waiting for trouble to pass. In the Market Call, Art Amador of Equbot — which oversees the AI Powered Equity ETF — discusses artificial intelligence driving investment decisions.