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Thornburg Investment Management Ted Chang on TD Ameritrade

Ted Chang On How To Take Advantage Of Elevated Volatility (VIX) – Market Overtime with Nicole Petallides covers the day’s market action through both the short-term and long-term investment lens. Nicole is joined by experts who provide actionable ideas that will help educate and inform with topics like: Growth vs. Value, Retirement, and Portfolio Protection. Market Overtime highlights buying and selling opportunities, bullish and bearish outlooks on a multitude of stocks and sectors, and goes in depth on strategy risks and rewards.

Thornburg Investment Management Portfolio Manager Ted Chang on Cheddar Business

Stocks Close Mixed as President Trump Talks China Trade Deal; Companies Report Earnings – Stocks closed mixed on Wednesday, with the Dow dropping more than 200 points to fall for the first time in three days. Ted Chang, Portfolio Manager for Thornburg Investment Management, explains what President Trump’s comments about China in regards to the trade war means for the markets and economy. Meanwhile, Lyft and Peloton release their quarterly earning reports after the bell.

Thornburg Investment Management Portfolio Manager, Ted Chang on Yahoo Finance

The hit to the travel industry ‘is not a demand issue,’ consumers want to travel: Expert – All major indexes are moving higher around Tuesday’s opening bell as more states begin to reopen. Ted Chang, Thornburg Portfolio Manager, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss what companies he’s keeping an eye on, in addition to what companies he thinks will grow in the coming years.