Cancer screenings…and hiring Vets

I love it when clients do things that make you say, “Well done”…even if you had nothing to do with it.
Over the past several years, three of my friends have been diagnosed with and treated for prostate cancer.  Fortunately, all caught it early…and all are doing fine today.
So when our client the NFL Alumni teamed with Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp to encourage men to get screened, I said, “Bravo.”  You can learn more about the “Prostate Pep Talk” program here, or in Tina Cervasio’s interview with Bart Oates.
The program runs through October.

General Frank Libutti, CEO of Renaissance Global Services, is a 35-year Marine Corps Veteran, who commanded the Marines in the Pacific before retiring and becoming the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner for Counter Terrorism.
Now the CEO of a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, General Libutti is passionate about hiring Vets.  You can’t sit with him without the topic coming up.  And while many companies tout their efforts and some have established excellent programs, Frank feels we still fall short.
With Veterans Day just three weeks away, General Libutti authored a roadmap for companies to follow.  You can read it here.
And as the General would say as he bids adieu, Semper Fi.

Posted by Bob Zito on 10/19/2018