To my Advertising, Marketing and PR Colleagues…

 Please help us support the FDNY Foundation

OK, I’m making a pitch.
When I was at the NYSE I worked with just about every New York public relations, communications, advertising and investor relations firm, helping coordinate and gain visibility for your clients’ IPOs, milestones, and publicity efforts.
But now I’m wearing my FDNY hat.
My relationship with the FDNY became much more significant (and personal) after 9/11, and, in 2004 I joined the Board of the FDNY Foundation.  Now, as a member of the Board’s Executive Committee, I am asking you to help. We have just solemnly marked the 11th anniversary of the Department’s heroism and sacrifice after the tragic events of 2001.  The FDNY is stronger than ever, but the Department still needs our support.
Fire Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano and I will host members of the public relations, advertising and marketing communities for lunches, prepared by our firefighters, on Thursday, September 27th and Thursday, October 11th.
No worries – we will not pass a hat at lunch.  But we would like to tell you about some of the great FDNY programs we have. It may be that you will see opportunities for your clients, or maybe even for some of you on the “client” side.
Please contact Jean O’Shea at the Foundation (718-999-0779 or or contact me at (917-692-0747 or and let us know the date you can join us.
Thank you.
Posted by Bob Zito on 9/13/2012