TIFIN Founder and CEO Vinay Nair in Financial Times

Claims bots assemble

Plus, St James’s Place joins the 21st century with its first mobile app and a 20-year-old meme stock winner

For this week, insurance correspondent Ian Smith takes a look at the chat bots that are increasingly handling your claims. We also highlight a profile of Jake Freeman, the amateur day trader some corners of the internet believe is too good to be real. (He is real. We checked.) And for our final Q&A I spoke with the CEO of an AI-powered search engine for wealth management products that has attracted more than $200mn in investments from the likes of JPMorgan and Franklin Templeton over the past four years.

Rise of the claims bots Of all the ways technology is changing the insurance sector, arguably the biggest shake-up has been to one of the sector’s more prosaic areas: claims. Things going wrong, and putting them right again, is the essence of insurance. How companies manage their claims is crucial not only to profitability but also to keeping customers onboard.
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