The Kids Are Alright

Don’t go looking at the lyrics from The Who’s often-covered song, one that always made me wonder if I was actually listening to The Beatles. This has nothing to do with that song.
Years ago, the firm I was with brought in a college intern from Rutgers. He was excellent. So good he was hired by two other companies I worked at. (Yes, I may have made a strong recommendation to hire him.)
I have been fortunate to work with some amazingly talented people on the teams I led at Sony, the NYSE, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and now here at Zito Partners and IPZ.
They not only did great jobs; they always put our companies – and now our clients — first, and made our management teams look pretty good while they were at it.
Some have moved on to amazing senior positions, and the companies they work for are smart for having them.
From one who is at a tech start-up focusing on education…to a pharmacy benefit manager…to a company on the forefront of the battle against cancer…to a financial industry regulator…to a video production company…the people I was fortunate to work with were exemplary…as are those still at Sony, the NYSE and BMS. I said to a number of them when they were on my staffs, “someday, I’ll be working for you.” And in fact, that has happened. We have been fortunate to work for or with a number of those former employees as clients, or partner firms.
Last week, one of those young stars hosted a reception at the new “digs” for her company – an event management firm that started as a one-person shop in Manhattan, and now has 140 people in New York and London.
As I stopped up to the office to see her…saw the great space she’s in…talked with some of her employees and clients…listened to the band she had hired for the night, all I could think about was The Who.
Yep, the kids are alright.
Have a great Thanksgiving.

Posted by Bob Zito on 11/22/2017