The Congressional Medal of Honor

Peter Kenny of Knight Capital Group does an insightful morning note every day, looking at the markets and giving readers his input about what lies ahead.
He also regularly adds a human touch…something that I look forward to reading as much as I do the market commentary.
Today he wrote about a special group of individuals…and an event I was honored to attend.
I’m not a fan of “reposting” or “forwarding” messages…but Peter’s note today is an exception.  Here it is:

Last Night :
I spent last evening as a guest of Richard Grasso’s at his annual CMOH dinner in New York City. It was one of the most interesting and inspiring evenings I can remember. The venue was an upscale restaurant in Tribeca NY owned by a legendary New York actor. The affair included captains of industry, political titans and most importantly included the honored — 24 Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. There are only 81 living – just to put this effort in perspective. These brave men have represented our national interests at the highest possible level, sacrificing personal security and safety for their fellow American troops and cause of freedom. Genuine American heroes.  To be seated amongst greatness was humbling in the extreme. To see the faces of self-sacrifice, to speak with these profiles of human courage, to witness the brotherhood of these incredible human beings was life altering. These men come from every walk of life, background, race, and religion.  These men have served the United States of America in conflicts and wars from WW 2 to Afghanistan. All of these men were and remain united as brothers in the greatest of common causes, human freedom – at all costs. Simply awe inspiring.
Thank you for your service.
Thank you Dick Grasso, I know of no one else that could pull this off with such class and distinction. – Peter Kenny

Posted by Bob Zito on 3/21/2012