Must See!


The producers of Act of Valor ( were kind enough to arrange a special screening of the film two weeks ago for members of the FDNY and NYPD.
A number of the Navy SEALS who “star” in the movie were at the screening.  The standing ovation they got from the audience lasted five minutes; it was an honor to be in their presence.
But the movie itself…which depicts real Navy SEAL operations in a fictionalized environment…is amazing.  The training, the composure, the tactical excellence…make you vividly understand the sacrifice these heroes make…and why we as Americans can be thankful and proud that they are out there protecting and defending us every day.
Remember…the “good guys” in the movie aren’t actors – they’re real life Navy SEALS – so don’t expect to see Oscar-winning performances (the bad guys are actors, and do a pretty good job.  The film’s producer, Mouse McCoy, joked before the film that they tried to get real life bad guys to play the derelicts…but none applied.  You can guess their fate.)
The bullets in the movie are real (evidently the first time real ammo has been used in a  film since the 1920’s); McCoy said it was the only way the SEALS would do it…as that’s the way they train.
The movie is not for the faint of heart.  It can be disturbing.  And it can make you cry.
But above all, it will make you proud…proud of the men and women in our armed services…proud of our intelligence…and proud of our country.
Back to the screening…when the SEALS got up to answer questions after the film…they downplayed the significance of their actions and instead thanked the men and women of the FDNY and NYPD for their sacrifice…and for keeping their families safe.
Amazing individuals.
Posted by Bob Zito on 2/24/2012