GenTrust Chief Investment Officer Jim Besaw in InvestmentNews

How the advisory industry has been preparing for the next 9/11 event

In the two decades since 9/11, the financial industry has been preparing for the next terrorist attack, in whatever form it might take.

In observance of the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, the InvestmentNews team has written a series of reports looking at how the financial industry has changed in its aftermath and been preparing for the next 9/11 event. Though the specter of something worse continues to be a frightening possibility, rather than pushing 9/11 out of mind or writing it off as an aberration, InvestmentNews contemplates the impact and potential consequences of being unprepared for the next attack from several industry perspectives.

In the first installment, Mark Schoeff Jr. examines the measures government agencies, regulators and industry groups have taken to safeguard financial markets and assets.

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