Gabelli on News Corp.; Great Burgers

Love listening to Mario Gabelli. The rhetoric from the media on the tribulations and demise of News Corp. has been overwhelming. Talk about pouring gasoline on a fire. It seems that any competing news organization is doing all it can to fuel the flames around Rupert’s empire. It rivals only the daily rants on MSNBC against anything Republican…and the similar rants on Fox against anything Democrat. Enter Mario. He provided this morning on CNBC the most astute analysis of the News Corp situation that I’ve heard. If you’re interested in the issue from a “media vs. investor” angle, this is worth watching:
Also, hats off to McDonald’s. There are great brands in the world. There are well managed companies. And there are those that are both. McDonald’s is in that class. Consistently great earnings. A well-built and managed brand. A management team that understands how to serve customers, employees and investors. A great lesson in brand building…and management.
Posted by Bob Zito at 7/22/2011 8:59 AM