ETFMG Cannabis Market Sector Expert Jason Wilson as Money Life Podcast guest

New Constructs’s Trainer; Tesla still headed for trouble as it enters major index

David Trainer of New Constructs has railed against Tesla Corp, in the past, putting the company and its stock in the Danger Zone on multiple occasions. He revisits the stock now, as it is entering the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index, noting that status won’t keep the company flying at its current too-high levels forever. He believe the economic value of the company is less than 10 percent of its current price. Also on the show, Ted Rossman of discusses the site’s latest survey of credit-card fees, cannabis banking expert Jason Wilson of ETF Managers Group discusses pot stocks and how they’re responding to increasing legalization via elections held across the country, and David Snowball of talks about what investors should seek out in funds during the Market Call.