ETF Managers Group Shipping Industry Expert John Kartsonas in ETF Express

Shipping ETF enjoys ups and downs on waves of volatility

One ETF dominated performance over this year on the weekly trackinsight data published in ETF Express, and that was Breakwave Advisors’ Breakwave Dry Bulk Shipping ETF (NYSE ARCA: BDRY) launched in 2018.



ETF Express covered the background to the launch of this innovative product back in 2018

but its time has come this year, with John Kartsonas, founder and managing partner at Breakwave Advisors, confirming that year to date performance has just hit 300 per cent.
The product, as one might expect, is volatile, with a 20 per cent up and down range of trading over the last six months, but the dynamics behind this most thematic of ETFs, shipping, are undeniable.

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