Byline by CTM Insights Managing Partner Lou Steinberg in VentureBeat

How to make software supply chains resilient to cyber attacks

Imagine if someone asked you to drink a glass of liquid without telling you what was inside or what the ingredients might do. Would you drink it? Maybe, if it was given to you by someone you trusted, but what if that person said they couldn’t be sure what was inside? You probably wouldn’t partake.

Consuming the unknown is exactly what IT departments do every day. They install software and updates on critical systems without knowing what’s inside or what it does. They trust their suppliers, but the thing that software suppliers don’t tell IT departments is they can’t be sure of all their upstream suppliers. Protecting all of the parts of a software supply chain, including those outside of IT’s control, is nearly impossible. Unfortunately, bad actors are taking full advantage of this large “attack surface” and scoring big wins in cyber breaches.

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