A Times Square Billboard to Help Us Remember?

A Times Square Billboard to Help Us Remember?
Try these stories and video instead.
An interesting proposal came across my desk this week.   An organization is renting a video screen in Times Square that will allow interested parties to pay $25 and post a photo of themselves, or a loved one impacted by 9/11, with a sign reading “We haven’t forgotten.”
Haven’t forgotten?
None of the people I worked with that day at the NYSE have ever forgotten.
None of the people I work with today at the FDNY Foundation have ever forgotten.
Instead of a billboard, how about these stories?
The New York Post ran a story Sunday about the children of fallen FDNY firefighters who have now joined the Department.

That’s my idea of remembering.
The New York Times ran a story Monday about the great work the 9/11 Museum is doing at preserving the legacy of those we lost.  

That’s my idea of remembering.
If you were in lower Manhattan that day, you need no reminder. Nor does anyone you know…or anyone you love…or anyone who loves you.
We can all still see it.  Every moment…from hours before…to days after.  From the pristine view of lower Manhattan that morning.  To the hugs we all got when we finally returned home that night…only to return the next morning…to rescue workers looking for one more survivor.
Every year – during this week – I plug in a DVD of the days after. It’s my way of remembering.  And every year I think of each member of my team at the NYSE.
The video – if you watch it – is a testimonial to the men and women who worked “the pile” to find survivors (they were the heroes) and the people on my team and the floor of the NYSE who came to work and wouldn’t be stopped.
And each year something different strikes me.
Ron Insana’s intro of CNBC’s coverage of the re-opening of the markets.
Dick Grasso’s leadership through the most difficult time imaginable.
Major Roseanne Scrignoli singing God Bless America.
Lou Dobbs interviewing political leaders – who for one day all came together – on the trading floor.
The “real” heroes ringing the bell.
Our NYSE memorial ads post 9/11.
But what hit me this year was “the voice,” Ralph Howard, who narrated so many things for us at the NYSE, and who has passed.
Every year at this time I think back to the amazing people I was fortunate enough to work with at the NYSE, and especially my team in communications.  It was they, with Tony Walenty taking the lead on this video – and throughout 9/11 – who made the place special.
Thanks, as always to them, and – Ralph – this one is for you. 

Posted by Bob Zito on 09/10/2019