London Olympics: 2-4-1

The “numerical” buzzword in the US these days is 9-9-9…Herman Cain’s proposed tax plan that has sparked debate among supporters and critics.
But last week I heard another numerical buzzword that’s tough to argue with – 2-4-1.
It’s the plan the Olympic Delivery Authority used to prep for next summer’s Olympic Games in the UK.
Once London won the right to host, its team spent two years studying the most effective way to build and stage the Games, while also revitalizing an area of East London that had been known as “shopping cart alley.”
Then the team spent four years building out the project.
And now – in the final year – the Authority is testing all of its venues to be certain the “delivery” will be flawless as millions of guests descend on the site.
And all as part of a plan to make the site usable for decades to come.
With “35 Mondays” left before the Games begin, the planning and execution done by the London Authority seems exemplary. Pcubed, a Zito Partners’ client, has been helping the ODA with its planning and execution. Called in to the Athens Olympics by the IOC when that train seemed to be off the rails, Pcubed helped fix those games, and has been supporting London since Day One.
With 35 weeks to go, London seems well prepared to host one of the smartest Games ever.
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Posted by Bob Zito on 11/30/2011