Thornburg Investment Management's Jan Blakeley Holman in ThinkAdvisor

Advising Women Over 50

Women in this age group face a number of life transitions that leave them in need of financial advice.

You’ve probably heard that the “women’s market” is still untapped by financial advisors. While that statement is true, not every woman is a good prospect. That may sound harsh, but hear me out. Not every man is a good prospect either, right? With any marketing effort, it’s all about targeting. In this case, you’ll want to target women who have financial wherewithal, are receptive to financial advisors and will respond positively to the services you offer. The segment that checks all of those boxes is women over 50.
The 2014 U.S. Census reported that 108,727,506 Americans were 50 years old or older. Of that group, 53.5%, or 58 million, were women. There’s no question that women are coming into their own financially. Today’s estimates indicate that by 2028, women will control 75% of the world’s discretionary spending, and by 2030, they will own 66% of America’s wealth.
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