GenTrust’s Jim Besaw in Reuters

Crypto? Disney? Investment strategists offer top picks for the next decade

What do cryptocurrency, Alphabet and Walt Disney have in common?

They’re all top investment picks for the next 10 years, according to Wall Street strategists surveyed by Reuters.

As a decade dominated on the U.S. stock exchange by Netflix , Apple, and other technology stocks comes to an end, Reuters asked portfolio managers and other investment experts two questions: What is your top overall investment theme for the next 10 years, and what one stock would you buy and then hold until 2030?

Of 12 strategists and portfolio managers willing to venture such long-term calls, Walt Disney and Google-owner Alphabet were popular picks.

Below are highlights of the recommendations:

Jim Besaw, Chief Investment Officer at GenTrust

Carbon allowances – “We believe they could outpace stocks and bonds, due to how they are regulated and the expectation that supply of these allowances may shrink dramatically over the next decade to meet government carbon reduction mandates, increasing the likelihood of a price spike.”

ARK Innovation ETF – For exposure to disruptive tech including gene therapy, internet of things, robotics, and cloud computing.

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