A Virus…The Media…and a Jesuit

A Virus…The Media…and a Jesuit

Ok, it’s a misleading headline…especially the last part.

But in the face of the “unknown”…the despair…the confusion…and the concerns, there have been a couple of wonderful stories.

Paul Farhi’s piece in The Washington Post asked people to stop referring to those in his profession as “the media.” But the organizations that do bring us the news should get some credit these days. Information is plentiful. And kudos to the companies that own the newspapers and broadcast networks around the world. More and more, their businesses depend on subscribers, those among us who pay the fees to have access to their stories.

But so many organizations have lifted their “paywalls,” enabling everyone to access the important updates on the virus. They all deserve credit.

And how could anyone not smile at the wonderful social media scenes from Italy of neighbors coming on to their balconies and breaking into song. Bravo paisans!

And speaking of Italy, or at least Americans of Italian descent – Brooklyn’s Tony Fauci is killing it. The guy is a rock star. And he’s not just an Italian American from New York, he’s a Jesuit-trained Italian American from Regis High School and Holy Cross College. Sure, I’d rather it was St. Peter’s Prep and Fairfield University…but I’ll take it.

And we should all be thanking him every day.


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