Gentrust Chief Investment Officer Jim Besaw in Barron’s Advisor

Bonds ‘Stink.’ Do They Still Have a Place in Client Portfolios?

Bonds just aren’t what they used to be.

Advisors are increasingly exploring alternatives to what was long a mainstay of client portfolios due to yields being near all-time lows as well as the risk of rising interest rates. For advisors and investors alike, it’s a tough problem to solve.

“Bonds stink right now,” Barron’s Jack Hough said on a recent Streetwise podcast. “But you still need them.”

With that in mind, Barron’s Advisor checked in with several wealth managers to see how they’re tackling this conundrum. It’s part of the Big Q, our regular feature where we ask advisors and wealth management executives for their best answers to challenging questions. This week’s query: What place, if any, do bonds still have in client portfolios?

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