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Food-borne illness outbreaks: How Bridgewater-based CMS is becoming prevention leader

When the news of the latest E. coli outbreak came out earlier this month, John Meccia’s first thought wasn’t to run to the fridge to see if the bag of lettuce he has is from California. Meccia thought about how the lettuce that is impacting people in nearly two dozen states was washed and cleaned and packaged. And he wondered if his company could have made a difference.

In a time when incidents caused by food-borne illnesses are on the rise, Meccia is confident that Bridgewater-based CMS Technologies has some of the answers. It’s an important and complicated issue, he said. One where the cause (cross-contamination) is easy to spot, the solution (better cleaning and sterilizing) is easy to recognize, but the solution is difficult to implement.

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