“I have had the pleasure of seeing first hand Bob Zito’s impact on both the New York Stock Exchange and Bristol-Myers Squibb. His marketing, brand management and strategic acumen are as good as I have witnessed and/or experienced. He is my first call when I am confronted with a company in need of a new or stronger market position.”

Joe Grano
Chairman & CEO, Centurion Holdings LLC

“Today’s competitive environment mandates a well managed company reach beyond its own ranks for communications and marketing strategic advice. No professional I’ve ever met in this field is better at telling CEO’s and their team what they need to hear as opposed to what they want to hear as Bob Zito. I was privileged to have his counsel for more than eight years while serving as Chairman of The New York Stock Exchange during the greatest period of growth in the Market’s 200+ year history.”

Dick Grasso
Former Chairman & CEO, NYSE

“No brand on the planet exudes more confidence and respect than that of the New York Stock Exchange. I know this well as, through my company (Issuer Advisory Group), I listed more stock there than any independent consultant in history. The architect and chief implementer of the NYSE branding strategy was Bob Zito. His brand building success is legendary.”

Patrick J. Healy
CEO, Issuer Advisory Group

“Bob’s very good at sitting executives down and saying, ‘These are the issues, these are the risks and this is the course I recommend we take.’ And people listen to him.”

Olaf Olafsson
Executive Vice President, Time Warner