Commited to leave a legacy and to continue traditions, Bob Zito and Zito Partners have done more than raise awareness. We continue to provide support to several outstanding organizations.

FDNY Foundation

“The FDNY Foundation is the official not-for-profit arm of the FDNY established to promote Fire Safety in New York City and the professional development, training, and education of members of the FDNY.”

Read more about Robert Zito, Vice-Chair, FDNY Foundation Board of Directors.

SEAL-Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation

The SEAL-NSW Family Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that raises funds and awareness for special programs in direct support of the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) families – allowing our warriors to focus on their training and deployment with a greater sense of ease knowing that their loved ones have strong support here at home.

The mission is to assist the Naval Special Warfare community in maintaining a resilient, sustainable, and healthy force in this era of persistent conflict and frequent deployments. For more on the SEAL-NSW Family Foundation, visit

Cento Amici

Cento Amici, “a community-based organization dedicated to supporting education in New Jersey.”

The Thomas W. Zito, Sr., Scholarship – St. Peter’s Prep

Since its founding in the mid-1990s, The Thomas W. Zito, Sr., Scholarship at Saint Peter’s Preparatory School in Jersey City, NJ, has enabled dozens of talented young men to benefit from the school’s highly regarded Jesuit education. Named for the father of Prep alumnus and former trustee Robert Zito, ’71, this endowed fund has grown steadily, and it currently stands at $1,061,350.